TRAC 2019 Workshop – Diversifying Reading Lists

Saturday 13th April 2019

Welcome! Thanks for participating in this workshop in person or remotely.

The group of archaeologists working and studying in the UK is notable for its lack of diversity, with Roman archaeology being perhaps one of the least diverse fields. One way to promote a more diverse discipline is to adjust teaching materials to reflect a broader range of voices and research questions. Ultimately, we believe that a more diverse academic body is of benefit both to those working in the field and the quality of academic work. Building on recent work within History and Classics, this workshop seeks to evaluate the subjects taught within Roman archaeology courses at UK institutions, and the authorship of the reading lists. The workshop will consist of a short presentation followed by group work assessing the composition of courses and reading lists, reflection on the initial results, and discussion of ways to improve.

Part 1: Assessing Roman Reading Lists

We would like to assess the range of publications featuring on Roman Archaeology reading lists:

•What % Men and Women authors?

•What % BAME authors? White authors?

•What % are books? Journal articles? Book chapters? Conference proceeding chapters? Open access?

•What and how many languages represented?

Please head to this google doc to enter your reading list summary information

Part 2: Building Better Reading Lists

Please head to this google doc to enter reference suggestions.